What People Say

“The collection of things Erich and Miranda have put up on the CanKor website must have beat almost all the press out of the box with a valuable, varied and exceedingly well informed package of information almost immediately after the fact. You folks continue to boggle my old aching mind!” 

Dwain Epps, Director of the Commission of the Churches in International Affairs (CCIA) of the World Council of Churches (retired)

“I love the new design on your website!”
Martha Vickery, Korean Quarterly

“Erich, terrific edition of CanKor that just arrived in my inbox today.”
David Hawk, Human Rights and International Relations Expert

“Erich, it is a pleasure to read a review from somebody who genuinely understands the subject at hand. Although I cover Beijing now, I keep up with CanKor regularly.”
Barbara Demick, Beijing bureau chief, Los Angeles Times – author of Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

“I checked out your website and found it very appealing indeed. If we could only find a way to get the mainstream media to mimic the kind of measured, non-hyperbolic analysis your kind of site provides, we would all be better off.”
Andray Abrahamian

“Merci beaucoup pour votre disponibilité et votre efficacité!”
Diane Doucerain, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

“One has the impression with each new issue that CanKor has come of age. The layout is wonderful, the content informative and thought-provoking. And the scope continues to widen to include more and more of the thoughtful groups, organizations and individuals engaged with the issues. So, congratulations.”
Dwain Epps, Switzerland

“I am following Cankor with interest. I really appreciate your insights and glad that we have your analysis on these the important issues.”
William Reimer, Director of Food, Disaster, Material Resources, Mennonite Central Committee

“Amazing website you have going. Please keep up the good work!”
Jack Kim, Executive Director, Han Voice, Toronto, Canada

“I came across your site and admire your work and your mission with CanKor. As a Florida-based journalist holding political science and MBA degrees, I am interested in delving deeper into the DPRK — beyond the Western political spin and demonization. Your organization appears to be doing just that.”
Kenric Ward, Journalist, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

“Thank you for your wonderful e-newsletters, which I greatly enjoy.”
Ted Gover, Huntington Beach, California

“I have been impressed with the quality and focus, as well as timeliness of your consistent efforts with CanKor.”
Roger Barrett, Korea Business Consultants (KBC) & KREST ENERGY (Korea Renewable Energy Solutions & Technologies)

“I have been engaged with friends in the DPRK since the 1980�s and continue this commitment to the present time. Best wishes to Erich and all the friends at CanKor. The depth of your reporting and the analyses given by the contributors gives hope to our continued efforts.”
Rev. Dr. John Moyer, Geneva, Switzerland

“Thanks for the latest issue of the CanKor Report. As usual it is of high quality.”
Ninan Koshy, political commentator, Kerala, India; author of “Under the Empire: India’s New Foreign Policy” (2006)

“I just want to thank you for the clarity and wisdom of your dispatch today!! It is not only the most lucid statement I’ve seen on the current crisis, it is the ONLY lucid statement.”
Pharis Harvey, former executive director of the North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea

“Thanks so much for the recent CanKor Reports! They have been fantastic, and really helped distill the issues. I’m not surprised.”
Ilene Solomon, Law Student, University of Toronto

“You understand all of the warts and horrors and twisted, grotesque logic of the regime, but you keep doors open and enlighten our minds even as you frustrate my easy conclusions.”
Paul Evans, Professor, Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

“CIDA believes CanKor has made a useful contribution to greater awareness and understanding of DPRK issues internationally.”
Jeff Nankivell, Director, China Programme, Asia Branch, Canadian International Development Agency

“I find CanKor to be an indispensable source for keeping up with North Korea and relations between the two Koreas.”
Bruce Cumings, professor of history at University of Chicago, author of Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History and North Korea: Another Country

“I was delighted to receive the discussion between Erich Weingartner and Victor Hsu. Of all the reviews over the past year, yours is perhaps the most gratifying because it clearly shows how you both heard the deepest chords the book was meant to strike. The timing, moreover, turned out to be perfect. Your review appeared the same day as a Korea Society panel on the book in New York, and it was cited several times during the discussion. Please accept my sincere thanks for your thoughtful treatment of the book, and my best wishes for your own good work.”
James Church, author of the “Inspector O” series of mystery novels: A Corpse in the Koryo, Hidden Moon and Blood and Bamboo

“CanKor is a fair-minded and indispensable source of information on developments in the DPRK, and is unique in its coverage from a Canadian perspective.”
Marcus Noland, author of “Avoiding the Apocalypse: The Future of the Two Koreas,” and co-author with Stephan Haggard of Famine in North Korea: Markets, Aid, and Reform

“This excellent service is at the cutting edge of news and analysis about North Korea, and the peninsula more widely. I find it indispensable for my work as a Korea analyst.”
Aidan Foster-Carter, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds University (UK)

“Let me take this opportunity to say that I really appreciate the information I receive via CanKor. It comes from a slightly different angle than DPRK-related news that I get from other sources. I appreciate being kept up with the links to Canada as well as other international foci. I appreciate the way it is organized by theme and pulled together in a way that makes the information more useful because it is so organized. Keep up the good work!”
Betsy H. McCrae, East Asia Department, Mennonite Central Committee, Akron, PA, USA

“For over a year I have been receiving your reports and other interesting information on North Korea and other parts of Asia. All this time I have forwarded these reports to colleagues of mine in the embassy, dealing with North Korea. We sincerely hope to read more interesting news from CanKor and Napsnet.”
Joachim Corstiaans, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Beijing

“CanKor is an indispensable source of balanced news about key developments regarding the Korean Peninsula. I rely on it to keep my students in Japan and myself informed about Korea-related events.”
C. Kenneth Quinones, Professor of Korean Studies, Akita International University, Japan

“Every time when I read CanKor, I meant to say thanks, but I haven’t done that. I thank you so much for sending the CanKor Report. It helps me greatly to grasp the news that’s going on not only there but also here as well. I am able to pick up something from CanKor that I can use in my course as well. Thanks a lot for your kindness and your effort.”
Dr. Young-sik Yoo, Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, Canada, co-author with R.W.L. Guisso of Canada and Korea: perspectives 2000

“CanKor is very useful to us.”
Stephan Haggard, Krause Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego, co-author with Marcus Noland of Famine in North Korea: Markets, Aid, and Reform

“I find CanKor exceptionally informative in relation to my work as the national coordinator for North Korea and Japan with Amnesty International’s Canadian Section. My fellow international coordinators and our East Asia research team really appreciate the great work that you do in gathering information about North Korea that we wouldn’t get elsewhere!”
Sue Hickey, Executive Committee Director and National Coordinator with Amnesty International, Canada

“I have been enjoying Cankor — you are ahead of the curve on a lot of things”
Jim Brooke, New York Times, Tokyo

“CanKor provides a timely and high quality coverage of key DPRK developments and official statements and is indispensable for the serious DPRK-watcher or decision-maker. At Nautilus, we rely on CanKor to keep us abreast of what the DPRK is saying in response to external events.”
Dr. Peter Hayes, Director, The Nautilus Institute for Security & Sustainability (publisher of NAPSNet), and Professor of International Relations, Research and Innovation, Nautilus Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne Australia

“I read your newsletter fairly thoroughly most weeks (unless I am swamped).”
Lynda Watson, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada

“Dear Canadian, What you folks accomplish, with the CanKor project and so many other programs, has been an object of my wide appreciation for decades. It is deeply hoped that you can continue this and all your other peace programs. For peace, justice and human progress.”
Ted R. Leutzinger, President, Institute for Survival Through Design, Los Angeles, California, USA

“Please add me to your recipient list for the CanKor Report, which I find excellent.”
Jon Lidén, Communications Advisor, Director General’s Office, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

“I am more than happy for having CanKor. The information provided by CanKor will be invaluable to my professional academic research. With my sincere appreciation for the CanKor team’s dedication.”
Anne H. Lee, MBA/Collaborative International Development Studies candidate College of Management and Economics Macdonald Institute, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

“First off, many thanks for your great website – You’re a real inspiration!”
Chris Springer, author of Pyongyang: The Hidden History of the North Korean Capital

“Your work is absolutely useful and essential in terms of getting a more balanced account of what is going on in and around the DPRK. More than once, other news digests have shown a specific bias that CanKor has and hopefully will counter with its up to date analysis.”
Dr. Sebastian Harnisch, Department of Political Science, University of Trier

“CanKor reports continue to put out really valuable information.”
David Hawk, author of Thank you Father Kim Il Sung (2005), and The Hidden Gulag (2003)

“Reading the CanKor Report has been one of my important things to do! Thank you for your great work.”
Myeong H. Jang, Reporter at Radio Free Asia, Korean Service, Washington DC

“I am working on my dissertation about Korean unification. For six month I have been subscribed your weekly newsletter. I am convinced about your newsletters. Every Sunday I am awaiting the CanKor Report. It provides specific information about North Korea which is so rare.”
Stephan Gruber, Austria

“Thank you for the excellent newsletter that you so faithfully produce.”
Susan Ritchie, Founding Director, First Steps, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“As a former missionary of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, working with the Korean Christian Church in Japan from 1961-2001, I continue to appreciate news of both North and South Korea: their relations with Japan, the ongoing quest for possible reunification, the role of the Christian Church in offering creative new opportunities for dialogue in hopes of welcoming the DPRK more quickly into the world community, etc. Every issue of CanKor is of interest to me, and I welcome any opportunity to share its contents here in Vancouver.”
Clarabeth McIntosh, retired missionary, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Thanks for your extremely useful updates.”
Paddy Maguinness, Deputy Chief Executive, Concern Worldwide, Dublin, Ireland

“CanKor interviews provide insights and perspectives available nowhere else. I rely on them.”
Karin Lee, Executive Director of the National Committee on North Korea, Washington DC

“Well done, Erich. Keep up your great work. I’m sorry that things have been so tight. Take care.”
Dr. James A. Boutilier, Special Advisor, Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters, Department of National Defense, Victoria BC, Canada

“Glad that CanKor keeps going – I draw on it quite a lot and always find it useful.”
Dr. Jim Hoare, retired diplomat, first Chargé d’Affaires of the British Embassy in Pyongyang (2001-2003)

“Thank you so very much for the CanKor Report. You have an insight on the Korea issue which all concerned people of the world should read in the CanKor Report. Keep up the good work!”
Insik Kim, Coordinator for East Asia and the Pacific, Presbyterian Church (USA), Louisville, KY, USA

“Thanks for keeping us informed via CanKor.”
Joan Barkman-Azar, Program Officer, Canadian Foodgrains Bank

“Thanks for the fabulous work you do!”
Kristin Reimer taught English in Pyongyang June-Dec 2005

“You may remember me from the PVOC group that functioned somewhat jointly with the WFP in disbursing the Food-For-Work allotment that the US sent in 1998. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your work… and that of your daughter Miranda. I have been a faithful reader of Napsnet and CanKor for many years, and I was always happy to see your name pop up after you finished your stint in Pyongyang. I am always encouraged that there are so many people who have the same yearnings for the well-being of the North Korean people.”
Norma H. Nichols, Director, International Academic Affairs Office (for YUST and PUST), Yanbian University of Science & Technology

“Thank you for the news service.”
S.H. Jung, Ministry of Unification, ROK

“I look forward to receiving the regular CanKor notices via email. They truly are a wealth of information well worth reading and sharing with others.”
Rev. Daniel Dong-Sung KIM, School of Divinity, New College, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

“I enjoy CanKor very much.”
Morgan Clippinger, personal researcher & writer (retired CIA political intelligence analyst)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the recent issue of CanKor. Keep them coming!”
Glen Davis, Presbyterian Director of Denominational Formation, Vancouver School of Theology, Canada

“I really enjoyed the issue on the NY Philharmonic’s Pyongyang trip. Given the ’me-too’ nature of most media coverage of North Korea, it’s refreshing to see some nuanced, informed commentary.”
Timothy L. Savage, Deputy Director, Nautilus-ARI, Seoul, ROK

“Greetings from Ewha Women’s University, Korea. I am a doctoral student in the division of political science & diplomacy. I always thank you for the useful information.”
Park Myung-Hee, Doctoral Student at Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, ROK

“You deserve a medal-or something.”
Marion Current, retired missionary to Korea, Toronto, Canada

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