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What is a CanKor anyway and how does it work? 

Who is behind CanKor? When did CanKor begin? Who reads CanKor? What do people say about CanKor?

Have a question we haven’t answered yet? We want to hear it! Drop us a line..

FAQ about North Korea

All you ever wanted to know about North Korea but were afraid to ask.


UnCommon Sense – where common sense is not enough

CanKor’s flagship blog features handpicked news, statements and analysis by experienced civilian intelligence analysts.

Beyond “realpolitik”, there is The Human Factor

From Human Rights to Humanitarian Assistance – the blog for people who care for the people of North Korea.

What the <bleep> are they thinking? 

On the assumption that it sometimes takes fiction to illuminate reality, CanKor editor Erich Weingartner has constructed a fictional “patriot” whose story searches for human meaning under the veil of the party line. The Patriot, a member of the North Korea’s elite, answers questions in language more easily understood outside of the DPRK. Meet Pak Kim Lee, a composite character crafted from a quarter century experience interacting with North Koreans.

Memoirs of a Stranger in Paradise

Erich Weingartner reminisces about his bumpy road to Pyongyang and the three years he spent there as head of the Food Aid Liaison Unit.


The CanKor Report 

A periodic compendium of the best material on this website. It’s free and delivered straight to your inbox.

Step up to the CanKor Megaphone

Announcement? Job vacancy? Call for papers? Event you’d like to advertise? This is your space.

What makes us so smart? The CanKor Brain Trust 

Meet our advisory council of wise souls, open hearts and cunning minds that contribute varied perspectives and expertise.

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