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UnCommon Sense examines the current situation in and around North Korea with a view to developing policies that seek to solve political, military, economic and environmental problems rather than apportion blame. We tend to highlight the perspective of middle powers like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU states, and Asian nations who are not immediate neighbours of Korea. We aim to provide information and analysis that does not get the attention it deserves in the commercial media. The CanKor Blog includes contributions from specialists with long experience working on and in North Korea. We also highlight nongovernmental efforts to reduce tension and help to resolve the 60-year old conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

The Human Factor

Human rights continue to be among the most contentious issues when the Western world deals with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). What place do human rights and humanitarian assistance occupy in relation to efforts for peace and reunification or negotiations to prevent nuclear proliferation? We follow the work of NGOs engaged in providing humanitarian assistance to North Korea, as well as Human rights organizations  that seek to end the suffering of political prisoners and refugees.  Sometimes the two have clashed over how best to help ordinary North Koreans. This blog provides a platform for information, analysis and dialogue with a view to encouraging engagement for human security in Korea.

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