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CanKor is a Canadian initiative seeking to provide information, analysis and discussion on issues and policies related to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), popularly known as North Korea. Read more about CanKor’s origins and activities in The History of CanKor.

CanKor Team The CanKor team is Erich Weingartner (Editor in Chief and author of The Patriot), Miranda Weingartner (CanKor webmaster and Managing Editor) and Jack Kim (Editor of the CanKor Human Factor blog).
Brain Trust CanKor is proud of the intellectual stimulus provided by its growing Brain Trust of North Korea experts who contribute a wide variety of viewpoints, perspectives, information, resources, links and papers of their own to expand CanKor’s scope and calibre.
Partners CanKor is privileged to count on the support of institutional partners who volunteer their in-kind contributions of technical, logistical and marketing expertise in service of CanKor’s goals and aspirations.
Donors CanKor is proud of both institutional and individual donors whose generosity ensures the sustainability of CanKor’s vision for a peaceful resolution to the 60-year-old conflict that has torn apart the Korean Peninsula.
FAQ About CanKor What is a CanKor anyway and how does it work? Who is behind CanKor? When did CanKor begin? Who reads CanKor? What do people say about CanKor? Have a question we haven’t answered yet? We want to hear it! Drop us a line..
Is CanKor for you? If you answer YES to any of these questions, then CanKor is for you.
What People Say  What people say about CanKor.
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