Dwain Epps

Director of the Commission of the Churches in International Affairs (CCIA) of the World Council of Churches (retired)




Dwain Epps


Areas of Interest: Human Rights, Inter-Korean relations

From the early 1970s, Dwain was an active supporter of the church-based human rights movement in South Korea. In 1986, as Associate General Secretary for International Affairs of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, he led the first official foreign church delegation to the DPRK. Following the discipline of the WCC’s “Tozanso Process” that delegation traveled immediately afterward to to the South to report to churches and Government officials there on their contacts with Christian communities in the North. That initiative helped build a fragile bridge to facilitate the first meeting of divided Korean Christians since the border was sealed in 1945. That event, organized in Glion Switzerland in August 1986 by the founder of CanKor, has ever since served as an anchor for Koreans working for peaceful reunification. Epps is now retired in Switzerland from where he continues to follow and comment occasionally upon developments on the Korean Peninsula.

Dwain on CanKor:

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