New Travel Opportunity in North Korea!

[DISCLAIMER: CanKor is not responsible for the content of this advertisement. Weingartner Consulting is not a commercial partner of Koryo Tours, nor do we receive any financial benefit from posting this announcement. We do so only to alert our readers of interesting opportunities, since one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the possibility of travel to the DPRK. –CanKor]

New Travel Opportunity in North Korea!

Unique and exciting chance in travel to the most unique areas in the country – Let the adventure begin!

Koryo Tours is proud to once again be the first and only company to offer an all-new tourism opportunity for anyone wanting to go and see some of the more remote parts of North Korea. – allow us to explain;

We have been running tours to the Rason Special Economic Area for several years now; this part of the DPRK is located in the far North on the Chinese and Russian border and offers a look at the least visited part of the world’s most unique country – and the only place in North Korea where tourists can visit a local market, local bank, and many other unique spots. Lying to the south of Rason the major industrial centre of Chongjin and the stunning mountains of the Chilbosan range have long been among the most difficult parts of the DPRK to get to due to the need to charter a plane from Pyongyang to reach this area – here you can overnight in the only homestay in the country as well as seeing the highlights of the second largest city in the DPRK and some of the most stunning scenery in Asia.

Koryo Tours have been able to obtain permission to enter North Korea in the Rason area, visit this fascinating area, and continue by road down the north east coast of the country to the city of Chongjin and beyond. – this is a road never before travelled by western tourists, a new route opened by Koryo Tours in late January of 2012 for the very first time.

Ideal for second time visitors as well as adventure seekers this new route takes you to some of the least-seen parts of the country via a route that nobody (barring Koryo Tours’ staff) has ever taken before – please see our website’s Rason page for some more information

In July of this year we have our Tuman Triangle Tour – offered exclusively by Koryo Tours. We have just extended this tour by 2 nights to enable those who join this group to be the first of our tour groups to go on this brand new route. For the itinerary and other details of this tour please see:

As if that wasn’t enough we have some more exciting news for those looking to visit the area – In September We are offering another brand new tour, a never-done-before circular tour of North Korea where you enter the country at Rason, travel down to Chongjin, take an internal flight over to Pyongyang and then exit by train to China or to Beijing by plane, for this unique itinerary please see DPRK Grand Circular Tour at:

If you choose to sign up for this tour will be the first visitors to the country ever to complete this circular route, pioneering tourism as practiced by Koryo Tours at its very best!

Please do feel free to contact us if you are interested in this special new route, we have more sites than ever available in both Rason and Chongjin that are exclusive to Koryo Tours, we would love to share this opportunity with you and we hope you’re as excited as we are at this chance to blaze a new trail in opening up new parts of North Korea to foreign tourists

For more information email

You can see some photos of the first ever trip down the north eastern coastal road from Rason to Chongjin on our FLICKR Photostream at:

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