South Korean NGO makes appeal for immediate food aid to DPRK

On June 8th, an organization called the “Korean NGO’s Voice for Humanitarian Assistance to the DPRK” held an inauguration ceremony and made an appeal for immediate food aid to the DPRK. In its appeal, the NGO difficulty of providing aid under the current South Korean policy. Excerpt below:

Several religious organizations and non-government have urged South Korean Government to resume immediate food assistance and have pledged that nongovernment organization will also initiate food assistance and interventions to relieve the current food crisis in North Korea. However, it remains unclear whether the food assistance and interventions from non-government organizations in South Korea can start. Nongovernment organizations in South Korea need a special permission from Soth Korean Government to contact North Korean or provide any assistance to North Korea. The current South Korean Government, having the hardline policy toward North Korea, has not been enthusiastic about providing food assistance to North Korea. Further, it is reported that South Korean government has opposed the US government providing food aid to North Korea.

Read the full appeal here.

For more information please contact:

Chang Il PARK
Representative, The Voice of Korean NGO for Humanitarian Assistance to the DPRK
2F, 123, Chebu-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: ++82-2-723-9475
Fax: ++82-2-723-9476
E-mail: dhsotong(at)

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