Commemorating (the demise of) the June 15 Joint Declaration

[This letter was received by CanKor from Pyongyang under the subject line: “11th Anniversary of the June 15 Joint Declaration”. The following DPRK organizations appended their signatures: Korean National Peace Committee, Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World’s People, Asian African People’s Solidarity, Korean Democratic Lawyer’s Association, and Korean Anti War Peace Physicians. –CanKor.]

Arch of Reunification, Pyongyang (Image via Wikipedia)

Dear Friends,

As you know, the Korean people greet the 11th anniversary of the historic June 15 Joint Declaration under the grim situation where confrontation between the reunification champions and the separatists has reached an extreme point.

The inter-Korean summit and the adoption of the June 15 Joint Declaration in June 2000, the first of its kind since the country was divided, were a great event that turned the history of division and confrontation lasting for more than half a century into the history of reconciliation, unity and reunification in the new century. This brought all Koreans and the whole world into great shock, enthusiasm, cheers and admiration.

The June 15 event and consequently the amazing development of the north-south relations showed that there is nothing impossible to do on earth when the Koreans join their hands and that the Korean nation can successfully break the walls of confrontation and division and achieve peace and reunification on its own efforts.

Furthermore, 2007 was another north-south summit and the adoption of the October 4 declaration amid the lasting heat of the June 15 event. This stirring event fully displayed the Korean nation’s reserved strength and wisdom and its fixed will to usher in the era of peace, reunification and prosperity.

Immense is the effect of the June 15 event on the Koreans’ movement for national reunification and the north- south relations and the internal and external situation, and its undying feat will remain long in the history of the nation.

If this trend of the June 15 era had continued to go without obstruction of the separatists, the north and the south would have made bigger strides in their relationship, further consolidating the foundation for peace in the Korean Peninsula and moving up the day of national reunification.

But the present reality is very serious.

The results of the June 15 event were ruthlessly spoiled and the north-south relations have been driven to the furthest extreme of confrontation and rupture, the state that can be no longer redressed.

In June 11 years ago when the historic north-south summit took place, all Koreans and the whole world burst into cheers, calling it a dramatic handshake and an event of touching the hearts of seventy million Koreans and saying that the door to reunification is open. But, the then deep emotion and excitement can be hardly felt in this land, where there is a raging wind of confrontation between fellow countrymen.

The day of national reunification the Koreans expected to see soon was far delayed, and the crisis of nuclear war is coming nearer.

Why did the north-south relations go back to the past of confrontation to be driven into collapse?

This is entirely because the south Korean conservative regime has totally denied the historic June 15 joint declaration and resorted to moves to escalate the confrontation and ignite a war.

All the Koreans are now stunned by the fact that all the shining achievements made by all Koreans in the efforts for independence, democracy and reunification through a protracted bloody struggle were brought to naught by the group of traitors in a matter of little more than three years.

The south Korean ruling authorities denied and trampled down the idea of “By our nation itself”, the basic spirit of the joint declaration, thus destroying the groundwork and the fundamental cornerstone of the inter-Korean relations, first of all.

The idea calls for independently settling the national issue and the reunification issue by the concerned efforts of the Koreans in the north and the south.

Prompted by pure patriotism, this idea does not force the ism and ideology of any party on any other party and, moreover, it has nothing to do with such narrow-minded view as one party excluding the other party or breaking with it.

This idea does not mean excluding the chief executive for a lot of crimes committed in the past and ostracizing the conservative forces such as the “Grand National Party”. It calls for respecting foreign relations but asserts that they should be beneficial to the national interests, peace and reunification.

It is not bad but good for everybody to advance, joining hand with one another for reunification that would enable all the classes and strata in the north and the south to live well in peace.

That was why all Koreans unanimously supported and approved of the idea of “By our nation itself” and even the chief executive of south Korea expressed sympathy with it and signed the declaration.

The present conservative group of south Korea malignantly defiled for no reason the idea of “By our nation itself”, the idea of reunification common to the nation, as the “north’s strategy” from the outset.

Furthermore, it declared that it would subordinate the inter-Korean relations to those with foreign forces and responded to it by rolling up its sleeves to boost them as servants for the U.S. colonial domination and the execution of its policy of aggression.

A particular mention should be made of the fact that Lee Myung Bak accepted whatever requested by his American master, totally subservient to him, claiming that everything would be OK if south Korea maintained good relations with the U.S., totally indifferent to the destiny of the nation and the deteriorated inter-Korean relations.

He extremely antagonized his compatriots and sold off the interests of the nation to his master lock, stock and barrel. Not content with this, he made the inter-Korean relations fall victim to the U.S. policy of war of aggression.

He claimed that the greatest achievement made under his rule was the restoration of the south Korea-U.S. alliance. He went the lengths of talking nonsense that the inter-Korean relations were put on a “normal orbit” though they were thrown into catastrophe.

His reckless remarks eloquently prove his heinous sycophancy toward the U.S. and his consciousness of opposing reunification and pursuing confrontation.

Even “Yusin regime” talked about “national independence” and the “civilian government,” too, asserted that the “nation should be placed above the ally,” though it was hypocrisy. But Lee begged his master to delay the transfer of the right to control wartime operations of the army despite the fact that the preceding regime tried to regain it under the slogan of “self-reliant defense”. He zealously followed that he “would handle the inter-Korean relations in the relationship with the U.S.”

The group disallowed even the use of word “nation” in official speeches and documents and ordered officials to change it into “people”.

All the successive south Korean rulers cried out for boosting the alliance with the U.S. and pursued the policy of toeing the U.S. line but the Lee group was the first group of wicked sycophants and traitors to have put foreign forces above the nation, openly adopted priority to foreign forces as a policy and disallowed even the use of word “nation”.

The south Korean ruling authorities denied the national reconciliation, unity and reunification contrary to the spirit and requirement of the June 15 joint declaration, and desperately pursued the moves for confrontation with fellow countrymen and that of the systems, thus creating extreme distrust between the north and south and rendering the inter-Korean relations extremely hostile.

If national reconciliation, unity and peaceful reunification are to be achieved, it is necessary to recognize and respect the other’s ideology and system, revitalize dialogue and negotiations and head for reunification by federal formula.

This is the basic content, basic requirements of the three principles for national reunification and the joint declaration embodying them and the basic principle of the inter-Korean relations.

But the Lee Myung Bak group totally denied this important principled requirement and blatantly challenged it.

The Lee group of separatists dared defile the system of the other party. It not only kicked up a disturbing confrontation row while talking about “change”, “opening” and “human rights” but has persistently worked to realize its wild ambition for “unification through absorption” on the basis of the imported experience of other country’s unification while vociferating about “unification under liberal democracy”.

It was the group that scuttled overnight brisk multi-channeled dialogues which had been under way since the publication of the joint declaration. It was again this clique of traitors that threw bigger hurdles in the way of dialogue by putting up such preconditions as the nuclear issue and what it called “apology” and it was also the south Korean authorities who brought to rupture even the dialogues opened thanks to the positive efforts of the DPRK.

Tour of Mt. Kumgang which delighted the whole nation was totally suspended, the Kaesong Industrial Zone was hit hard and exchange, contact and cooperation of NGOs were scuttled due to the confrontation moves of the present conservative group.

There disappeared whistles of trains for reunification on the railways linking the north and the south which excited all the Koreans so much, and loud shouts of hurrah for reunification which had resounded forth in Pyongyang and Seoul and on Mt. Paektu and Mt. Hanna are no longer heard.

The south Korean authorities eagerly wishes to see something take place inside the DPRK while talking about “waiting strategy” and “snail’s pace”. This is as foolish and stupid a dream as expecting the sun to fall.

Now that the Lee group dares make a mockery of the highest-level dialogue, there is no reason to discuss what it called dialogue between the north and the south.

It is 40 years since the inter-Korean dialogue started. A lot of official and unofficial dialogue and secret contacts took place between the two sides and several special envoys visited the north and the south in this period. But there was no such vicious anti- reunification group as the Lee group that hurt the dignity of the other party and defiled its sincerity and frantically hatched plots and pursued confrontation with sinister aims.

The south Korean ruling authorities perpetrated military provocations and pursued war moves against fellow countrymen in league with foreign forces, challenging the historic June 15 joint declaration. They thus brought the crisis on the Korean Peninsula to an extreme phase.

The June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, a programme for implementing it, clarify the issues of putting an end to the military hostile relations between the north and the south, fulfilling the commitment to non-aggression, preventing a war on the Korean Peninsula and ensuring peace there.

No sooner had the Lee Myung Bak conservative group come to power than threw away the inter-Korean declarations and got frantic with military provocations and maneuvers for a war of aggression on the DPRK after declaring the north as its “principal enemy”, not as fellow countrymen.

Worse still, it staged exercises under the simulated conditions of a real war after working out such conspiratorial scenarios as “emergency ruling plan” and the like, obsessed by the ambition to cope with “contingency”.

Outbursts calling for pre-emptive attack are heard from among the military warmongers and a whole string of jargons that “one should not fear a war” are let loose even by the chief executive.

The warship sinking case and the Yonphyong Island shelling case, the hideous conspiratorial farces that occurred last year and the war hysteria kicked up under this pretext fully revealed the reckless and belligerent nature of the Lee group of traitors.

The military warmongers committed such thrice-cursed hideous provocation as setting up the target daring hurt the supreme dignity of the DPRK and firing at it. This is the height of the moves to bring the inter-Korean relations to collapse as it is the most barbarous and cruel act in history.

It is quite self-evident that such tyrannical hooligans as the group which no longer wants to remain human beings from the outset, much less being members of the same nation, can neither become a counterpart of the inter-Korean dialogue for discussing a crucial matter of the nation nor remain part of the Korean nation.

All facts go to clearly prove that the south Korean ruling authorities are entirely to blame for the present catastrophic inter-Korean relations as they violated and stamped out the June 15 joint declaration and resorted to vicious moves to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen.

It is needless to say that as long as the anti-reunification group of south Korea is allowed to stay it is impossible to expect a smooth advance of the June 15 era and achieve peace and reunification.

It is very deplorable that the June 15 joint declaration is flouted by a handful of anti-reunification elements like the group of traitors and the fellow countrymen’s movement for national reunification is delayed.

The present acute situation in which the confrontation between pro-reunification forces and the anti-reunification forces has reached the climax makes the people keenly realize how good the June 15 era was and how dear it was.

That is why broad circles of south Korea together with all other fellow countrymen are turning out as one in the drive to punish and overthrow the Lee Myung Bak regime under the uplifted banner of the June 15 joint declaration, unable to repress the towering indignation at the Lee group’s anti-reunification and confrontation moves.

The conservative group is making desperate efforts to get rid of the position where it is attacked from all sides but this only precipitates its disgraceful destruction.

The significance and influence of the historic June 15 joint declaration, which is deeply enshrined in the minds of all the Korean people and whose truth, viability, validity and vitality have been fully confirmed, do not get weakened due to any obstruction on the part of the group of traitors.

On the contrary, the present reality teaches a bitter lesson that the achievements made after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration can never be lost but hardens the will and resolution of the Korean nation to accomplish the June 15 cause without fail.

All Koreans will declare a miserable end to the south Korean group of separatists and certainly bring back the June 15 era as they keenly realize the value of the June 15 joint declaration and pin their hope on it.

They see the Korean nation’s future, independence, peace, reunification and prosperity in the June 15 joint declaration.

We express our firm belief that you who are deeply concerned about the situation on the Korean Peninsula and have fully supported the independent and peaceful reunification in Korea would wage various activities in support of righteous cause of Korean People in their efforts of implementing the June 15 joint declaration and October 4 declaration greeting the 11th anniversary of publication of June 15 joint declaration.

With best regards and wishes,

Korean National Peace Committee

Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People

Asian African People’s Solidarity

Korean Democratic Lawyer’s Association

Korean Anti War Peace Physicians


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