38 North: North Korea’s New Launch Site by David Wright

[From time to time CanKor alerts readers to papers published by our partner-site 38North. The following article is authored by David Wright.  Please follow our link to the current article on the 38North site. –CanKor]

This article was originally published on 38 North on February 23, 2011. It has been reposted in light of DPRK’s announced intention to launch a satellite in April 2012.

Last week press stories announced that North Korea had completed a second launch site for long-range rockets, which is bigger and more sophisticated than its original site. Tim Brown and Joseph Bermudez of globalsecurity.org found the new site, called Tongch’ang-dong after a nearby town, using satellite images in 2008 and has been following its progress since then.

Previously, North Korea launched its multi-stage rockets from a site in Musudan-rion the east coast of the country, near the Sea of Japan. The most recent launch from that site was in April 2009 when the Unha-2 launcher failed to place a small satellite into orbit.

The new launch site is instead located on the west coast of the country (see Figure 1). Read the rest of this entry »

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