ROK Church Leaders React to the Death of Kim Jong Il

Lutz Drescher

[CanKor Brain Trust member Lutz Drescher, East-Asia Liaison Officer of the German Association of Churches and Mission, sent us these two “remarks” by South Korean church leaders on the death of Kim Jong Il. He explains that they are “remarks” rather than “statements”, first because a death is not an appropriate occasion for churches to make formal statements, and secondly because the church leaders are aware that their opinions may not be shared by a majority of churchgoers, let alone the majority of member churches of the National Council of Churches in Korea. “Because of the traumatic experience of the Korean War that last to this day and a Cold War that has not ended,” Drescher states, “all discussions about the future of the Korean Peninsula continue to labour under the shadow of conflicting ideologies. The South Korean people, as well as the South Korean churches therefore remain deeply divided.” We reproduce the two “remarks” here. The German letter by Rev. Drescher may be read here. –CanKor]

A Remark on the death of North Korean Leader Kim Jung Il by NCCK

The National Council of Churches in Korea expresses its sincere condolences on the death of Kim Jung Il, North Korean Leader, and we pray that God’s consolation be with people in North Korea who are in the midst of grieving and suffering. It should not be a moment which is threatening peace on the Korean peninsula and worsening of North and South relationship. We hope that South Korean government take this to ease conflict between North and South, sending condolence delegation consisting of representatives from government as well as from society including religious community and paying its respects to the deceased. And We ask international community to cooperate continuously not taking this for breaking of security on the Korean peninsula, but for building peace on the region of North East Asia. Read the rest of this entry »

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