Conversation #5

In which Pak Kim Li reluctantly answers Erich Weingartner’s questions regarding the visit of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra to Pyongyang in February 2008. (First published in CanKor Report 303-304, 23 March 2008.)

Pak Kim Li (PKL):  Please don’t interview me about the New York Philharmonic.

Erich Heinz Weingartner (EHW):  I thought you’d be pleased to talk about it.

PKL:  To say what? How pleased we were to receive the blessings of “real” music? To respond to patronizing insults about our lack of a musical culture? To comment on the political coup we achieved in convincing America’s foremost cultural institution to pay homage to our leader? Or is it to comment on the political coup the Americans achieved by convincing us to broadcast the concert live by TV and radio throughout our own country as well as worldwide? Read the rest of this entry »

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