Drive in Pyongyang virtually without a visa!

Many are those who wish to visit North Korea, few are those who receive a visa to get there. And those who do will definitely not be allowed to drive themselves through the streets of Pyongyang. But now you have the option of doing exactly that right in the comfort of your home, wherever you happen to live.

Pyongyang Racer titleAs a sort of Christmas present to all its past and future customers, Koryo Tours commissioned  a DPRK gaming company to develop a racing game that lets you drive around Pyongyang all by yourself  in a locally made Pyonghwa Motors vehicle. CanKor Brain Trust member Hannah Barraclough of Koryo Tours explains that this is meant to be “a bit of retro fun” as a “free gift from Koryo Tours”.

The computer game, called the “Koryo Tours Pyongyang Racer”, lets you drive past genuine sites in North Korea’s capital city: the triumphal arch, the Juche tower, the skating rink, the pyramid-shaped Ryugyong Hotel and much more. You collect fuel along the way, and try not to crash into any of the local cars, or the DHL vans! Read the rest of this entry »

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