Why another blog on North Korea?

Satellite picture displaying the Korean penins...

Satellite picture displaying the Korean peninsula at night

By Timothy Savage, former CanKor Blog editor.

Commenting on the goings-on in the “Hermit Kingdom” has become something of a growth industry, with a proliferation of blogs of various quality and reliability. How do we differentiate ourselves within this ever-growing blogosphere? To start with, while we may be coming into blogging somewhat late in the game, we’re hardly neophytes when it comes to the DPRK. CanKor has been providing information on North Korea for the last decade. Each contributor to The Cankor Blog has a long professional experience with the DPRK. While we can’t claim to know everything that’s going on inside that country (no one can), we believe that the expertise and insight that our contributors bring to the discussion can promote better understanding of the current situation on the Korean Peninsula. Secondly, The Cankor Blog is unique in its focus on the efforts of non-6P countries-those who have been on the sidelines of the Six-Party Talks: middle powers like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the EU states, and Asian nations who are not immediate neighbours of Korea. These countries play an important but often overlooked role in efforts to draw North Korea out of its isolation and alleviate its chronic humanitarian crisis. As much as possible, we want to highlight the engagement being carried out by governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations that often gets lost in the debate over the nuclear and succession issues.

Above all, we approach this task with a dose of humility, recognizing that no one can really know more than a small piece of the puzzle that is North Korea. We welcome feedback from our readers to challenge us when we start to assume more than we know, or to alert us to aspects of the issues that we might have missed. We hope that by adding our own small piece, we can shed a little light and help identify a bit of signal among all the noise.

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