North Korea Invites Canadian Performers

Canadian singers, dancers, musicians and other performing artists are invited to the annual arts festival that takes place in Pyongyang in April. CanKor has been advised by the DPRK Mission to the UN in New York that the Festival Organizing Committee is issuing an open invitation to famous artists from other countries to perform their works at the 27th April Spring Friendship Art Festival, which runs from 8 to 18 April 2011 in Pyongyang, DPRK.

Artists to be invited will include dance and song troupes, folk dancers, ballerinas, social dancers, tap dancers, choirs, symphony orchestras, folk music bands, brass, wood instrument and other ensembles, opera singers, pop singers, folk singers, conductors, violinists, pianists, cellists, trumpeters and other players of musical instruments. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunshine Policy of your love

by Jack Kim, 10 January 2011

Cultural diplomacy has been frequently used by policymakers to ease tensions of two erstwhile foes. Perhaps the most successful—and consequently famous—example of this is the exchange of ping pong players between the Americans and the Chinese during the 1970’s. The DPRK has been no exception to these projects. The gift Madeleine Albright presented to the North Korean leader during her visit to Pyongyang was an NBA basketball, autographed by someone in whose presence even Kim Jong Il may tremble: Michael Jordan. Furthermore, the New York Philharmonic played with great fanfare in Pyongyang in February 2008, with whispered promises of reciprocal visits by the DPRK State Symphony Orchestra. Read the rest of this entry »
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