Releasing the 3Genie Out of the Bottle – North Korea’s Cell Phones

Cell Phone

Cell Phone by JonJon2k8 via Flickr

Toronto has become somewhat of a hub for things North Korean, and I was fortunate enough the other night to catch a kwan-li-so survivor speak about her experiences in the camps. Particularly heartening to hear were her experiences after her arrival in South Korea, discovering things about the DPRK that her own government dared not share with her. She especially praised a new fangled invention that she’d discovered called “the internet” for providing a treasure trove of human rights related data.

But North Korean defectors are not the only ones who seem to have been deprived of technology. One of the more elderly gentlemen in the room furrowed his eyebrows, confused, and interrupted the speaker. He demanded again the source of the human rights related data.

It was now the defector’s turn to be confused. After a pause of a second, she replied, in all seriousness:

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