Premiere Urgence (France)

Since 2002, Première Urgence implements programmes to support hospitals by:

* Rehabilitation of operations room and cleaning up of hospitals;
* Supply of hospitals in medical and surgical equipment.

Since January 2009, Première Urgence has expanded its activities to the field of food security and initiated an agricultural project by supporting 7 farms breeding rabbits (rehabilitation, training, supply of fodder and breeds of rabbits).

Four hospitals with a capacity of 13,500 patients a year are rehabilitated, allowing patients to have access to renovated operating rooms to improve their medical care and surgical conditions in decent health and with proper equipment. The operating staff is trained in hygiene and asepsis techniques in the operating rooms, with the necessary cleaning equipment.

The four hospitals targeted are:

* Provincial Hospital Pyongsong
* Nampo Hospital
* Tosan Hospital
* The emergency hospital in Pyongyang

Seven farms and rabbit breeding centres assisting 18,000 persons have been rehabilitated through the provision of seeds, equipment, new breeds of rabbits and a wide training program (training in livestock and veterinary services). The food situation will be improved by increasing the production capacity of rabbits in the following centres and farms:

* The provincial centre of breeding rabbits Yontan, farms and Hwanhju Sariwon.
* The provincial centre of breeding rabbits and Kwaksan Unjoni farms.
* The national centre for breeding of rabbits, Ryongsong

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