Matthew Reichel

Executive Director of the East West Coalition and the Pyongyang Project

Matt Reichel & friends in Hamhung, DPRK

Matt Reichel & friends in Hamhung, DPRK

The Pyongyang Project is an activity of the East West Coalition, a Vancouver-based educational and social entrepreneurship-focused organization dedicated to providing academic enrichment opportunities for university students and faculty as well as developing sustainable social and humanitarian ventures in the DPRK.

Matthew Reichel has worked with multiple institutions in the DPRK, including Kim Il Sung University, the Pyongyang Technology Services Centre, the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Rason People’s Committee.

Projects have included placing North Korean university students abroad, implementing a six-month educational program for Kim Il Sung University university students and faculty in business, economics and foreign language at Yanbian University in China, organizing various Track-II exchanges and student programs in the DPRK, and most recently working on developing a a system for sustainable social entrepreneurship in the DPRK.

A resident of Vancouver, BC, Matthew is a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation’s Asia Pacific Working Group and has given presentations at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa, McGill University, the University of Montreal, Glendon College, York University in Toronto, Moscow State University, Peking University, Duke University, George Washington University, and the University of Cambridge among others.

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