Lutz Drescher

Lutz Drescher

East-Asia Liaison Officer, Association of Churches and Mission

Area of Interest: Support of the Peace and Unification Efforts of the Korean People

Lutz began his carreer in Korea in the late eighties, in one of the Minjung Churches in an Urban Poor Area. Until 1995, Lutz worked as en ecumenical coworker with the PROK in Seoul. During that time, Lutz wrote numerous articles about the Korean Church and society which have been published in German, Korean and English. In 2001, Lutz became the East-Asia liaison Officer of the Association of Churches and missions in South for West Germany.

He has accompanied numerous delegations from the Korean Christian Federation (KCF) during their visits of Germany, visited the DPRK several times and was involved in the organization of two international Conferences dealing with Peace on the Korean Peninsula in Arnoldshain in 2004 and 2008.

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