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European NGOs

Concern (Ireland)

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Free Democratic Party) (Germany)

Hanns Seidel Foundation (Christian Social Union) (Germany)

Premiere Urgence (France)

Save the Children (UK)

Triangle Génération Humanitaire (France)

Welthungerhilfe in North Korea

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The European Commission provides grants for NGOs from EU countries to work on food security projects in North Korea. Recently, EC-funded aid to the DPRK has shifted towards a more “development-oriented” approach which aims at Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD). Therefore, it not only supports the agricultural production/sector, but also aims at improving food security for the poorest and most vulnerable groups (in particular children, pregnant women, disabled, retired and elderly people); both in rural and urban areas. It also tackles issues impacting on the agricultural sector such as deforestation, erosion and watershed management; whether through more environment-focus projects, or by mainstreaming this issue as a sub-component of projects addressing other food security aspects.

Seven Food Security EC-funded projects are currently ongoing. They are located in 21 counties in the provinces of North Hwanghae, South Hamgyong, and South and North Pyongan. In addition to EC-funded Food Security projects, a series of agricultural-rural projects have been supported by bilateral donors from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland Italy, and others such as the FAO, the UNDP-who is resuming their past operations in the agricultural sector-, and finally the WFP via their “Food for community development” projects. In general, these grants have gone to the five European NGOs that still maintain residential offices in Pyongyang.

Save the Children (UK)

Save the Chidren has a number of projects, including Improving rural health infrastructures in DPRK by implementing integrated action; an integrated environmental sanitation project; participative Integrated Watershed Management for Food Security in South Hamgyong Province; and augmentation of operating greenhouse numbers and their management in South Hamgyong Province.

Hanns Seidel Foundation (Christian Social Union) (Germany)

Since 2006, Hanns Seidel Foundation has been supporting the development of North Korean business intermediary organizations through capacity-building. Together with the EU-Korea Industrial Cooperation Agency, they have organized seminars and workshops with invited specialists in North Korea. Hanns Seidel has also carried out projects on organic agriculture and sustainable forestry in North Korea.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Free Democratic Party) (Germany)

Since 2002 the Friedrich Naumann Foundation has been providing both theoretical and practical tailor-made training seminars for experts on economy and finance in the DPR Korea. Their programs include study tours abroad and are aimed at transferring knowledge on the functioning of the market economy, strategies of economic modernization and monetary systems.

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