DPRK Commemorates the 4 July 1972 Joint Statement of North and South

[CanKor has received an email signed by four DPRK organizations commemorating the first major North-South rapprochement on the Korean Peninsula. Of interest is the fact that the 1972 Joint Statement of North and South was issued during the reign of South Korea’s President Park Chung Hee, father of the current South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Ironically, only 4 years prior to this first North-South rapprochement, a North Korean death squad had attempted to assassinate Pres. Park Chung Hee. Perhaps irony is an underrated factor in understanding Korean peninsular politics. As usual, we post the following message as we received it. –CanKor]

Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification, Pyongyang

Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification, Pyongyang

Dear friends

41 years have passed since the historic July 4 Joint Statement clarifying the three principles of Korea’s reunification was made public.

The announcement of the statement was the brilliant fruition brought about thanks to the idea and line of the great President Kim Il Sung on the national reunification, his distinguished and experienced leadership.

President Kim Il Sung regarded the national reunification as the supreme task of the nation and led the cause of the national reunification to victory with his great idea and leadership from the first day after Korea was divided into the north and south.

In August, 1971, the President, seeing through the unanimous desire of the whole nation and the urgent requirement of the development of the reunification movement, proposed a proposal for wide-ranging negotiation clarifying that the north was willing to contact all political parties including “Democratic Republican Party”, the then ruling party of south Korea, social organizations and individuals at any time.

According to the broad-minded proposal set forth by him, a high-level political meeting between the north and south was held in Pyongyang, in May 1972, the first of its kind since its division into the north and south.

On May 3, President Kim Il Sung met personally the head of delegation from south Korea who came to Pyongyang to participate in the inter-Korean high level political meeting and clarified the fundamental principles of the national reunification he had thought over for a long time.

The three principles of the national reunification clarified by him was fair and above-board, which claim that Korea’s reunification should be achieved independently free from any foreign interference and by peaceful means, in the principle of promoting the grand national unity.

The President conducted energetic activities to make sure the fundamental principles of the national reunification serve as the reunification program common to the nation.

On July 4 in 1972, 41 years ago the north and the south of Korea could make public the joint statement the core of which was the three principles of independence, peaceful reunification and grand national unity through his energetic efforts.

With the three principles of the national reunification, the reunification movement of our nation could make dynamic advance along the right track, tiding over all the obstructions and challenges made by separatists at home and abroad.

The great General Kim Jong Il who regarded the implementation of the behests of the President for the national reunification as his lifetime task, put forward the ideal, “By Our Nation Itself” as one of independent reunification of the new century by arranging the June 15 Joint Declaration in which the three principles of the national reunification was embodied.

His ideal opened a bright vista for the national reunification in the new century and enlisted the entire Korean people at home and abroad to the grand march for the independent reunification rejecting interference of outside force by dint of national cooperation and unity.

However, the present conservative ruling forces of south Korea are putting aside the will and demand of the entire Korean people and world progressive people who want peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and the peaceful reunification of Korea and resorting to confrontation between fellow countrymen and war maneuvers against our Republic in collusion with outside forces.

Some time ago, they destroyed the dialogue under an unreasonable excuse about our proposal to hold talks at the authoritative level. Moreover, they went far to open the minutes of north-south summit held in October 2007. Their behaviours clearly prove that though they seemingly claim about the dialogue, they are the anti-reunification forces even bluntly making north-south summit a plaything for their party’s interests and sinister political design.

But, separatists cannot check up the vigorous advance of our nation along the orbit of independent reunification illuminated by the three principles of national reunification, no matter how desperate they may try.

Today, the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un stands at the head of the cause for the national reunification, who is identical of the great Generalissimos in idea, leadership and personality.

He makes energetic guidance and devotion with a firm will to give the reunified country to the fellow countrymen at the earliest possible date by implementing the behests of the great Generalissimos for the national reunification.

The Korean people will surely build a prosperous and reunified country on this land with their concerted efforts just as the great Generalissimos desired, since the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un stands in the van of the struggle of the Korean people to achieve the independent reunification of Korea.

Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we express our belief that you will always send full support and solidarity to our people in their just cause for the national reunification as you did in the past.

Yours sincerely

Korean Committee for Solidarity with World People

Korean Democratic Lawyers’ Association

Korean National Peace Committee

Korean Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity

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