“Immortal Feats for DPRK-China Friendship”

[Under the above title, the DPRK’s most authoritative newspaper Rodong Sinmun published a rare editorial on the eve of the new Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s first summit meeting with US President Barack Obama in California. Rodong Sinmun is the official organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Ostensibly, the occasion for the editorial is the 30th anniversary of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s first visit to China. It is a legacy to which young leader Kim Jong Un is said to be paying “great attention”. The China-DPRK friendship will go “a long way towards stabilizing the situation in the Korean Peninsula,” says the editorial, without wasting a single word on the nuclear question, a topic that will likely figure prominently in the Obama-Xi talks. –CanKor]

Xi, right, and Pyongyang's special envoy Choe Ryong-hae meet in Beijing. (Photo by Xinhua)

Xi, right, and Pyongyang’s special envoy Choe Ryong-hae meet in Beijing. (Photo by Xinhua)

This is the 30th year since Leader Kim Jong Il’s first visit to China from June 1 to 13, 1983. His train trip covered a total of 6 250 km, making more solid the DPRK-China friendship provided and kept in bloom by the leaders of old generations of the two countries.

It is a beautiful tradition for the leaders of the two countries to frequently visit each other like brothers without being restricted by any diplomatic conventions and rules and share and deepen the friendly feelings.

The 30 years that followed his first visit to China furnished an ample proof that the DPRK-China friendship would be unbreakable.

Over the past 30 years the situation of Korea and the North East Asia was very complex, but the two countries supported and closely cooperated with each other in their struggle for socialist construction and national unity.

To keep the DPRK-China friendship blooming as always Kim Jong Il had made painstaking efforts to the last days of his life.

Chinese leaders, too, visited the DPRK many a time and rejoiced over our successes, inspiring our people in building a strong and wealthy socialist country.

The DPRK-China friendship, the common wealth of the two countries, was built and grew amid arduous struggle for socialism and world revolution; it is a common wherewithal for both peoples in revolution and construction.

The continued growth of this friendship is the earnest behest of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Remaining true to their behest, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un pays a great attention to the growth of this friendship. For, this friendship will be going a long way towards stabilizing the situation in the Korean Peninsula and in North East Asia, defending world peace and security and advancing the cause of socialism in both countries.

Our Party and people will do all they can, so desired by leader Kim Jong Il, to further develop the DPRK-China friendship that has gone through storms of history.

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