40th anniversary of the release of the July 4th Joint Declaration

[Another historic event celebrated (or not) by Korea this year is the 40th anniversary of the 4 July 1972 North-South Joint Statement that declared a “mutual desire for the early peaceful reunification of Korea”. They reached “full agreement” on the three principles for achieving reunification, as follows: “1. Unification shall be achieved independently, without depending on foreign powers and without foreign interference; 2. Unification shall be achieved through peaceful means, without resorting to the use of force against each other; 3. A great national unity shall be sought first, transcending differences in ideas, ideologies, and systems.” In addition, the two sides agreed “not to slander or defame each other, not to undertake military provocations, whether on a large or small scale, and to take positive measures to prevent inadvertent military incidents.” Of course, those were the days of Park Chung Hee in South Korea (1963-1979), and implementation of the statement remained the preserve of two governments that were far less than democratic. One wonders whether the recent emphasis in the DPRK on this 40th anniversary has anything to do with the fact that Park Chung Hee’s daughter, Park Geun-hye, has become such a prominent contender for ROK’s presidential elections in December this year? While South Korea’s JoongAng Daily reveals that “North tried using 1972 communique to oust Park regime“, a letter to CanKor by the (North) Korean Committee of Solidarity with the World People takes the following view of the same history. –CanKor]

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Pyongyang!

Forty years passed before the historic July 4th Joint Declaration had been released.

The entire Korean nation takes this opportunity to remind the immortal feats of the President Kim Il Sung who laid down the fundamental principles of the national reunification with rare wisdom and noble love of his nation and to pay the highest tribute respectfully to him.

Ushering the 1970’s, the situation at home and abroad had been favorable for the accomplishment of the reunification of the Korean nation.

On August of 1971, the President, with his extraordinary foresightedness, evaluated the trend of the development of the ever changing situation and put forward the widespread proposal for negotiation expressing our readiness to make contact with all the political parties, public organizations and individual personalities including the “Democratic and Republic Party”, the party in power in south Korea. So the north and south had the contacts and talks of several divisions and at last, on May of 1972, they had the north-south high-level political talks in Pyongyang.

On May 3rd, the President had an interview with the delegate of the south side who had come to Pyongyang to participate in the talks.

The President told him passionately that we can never tolerate ou rnation being divided into two and we must reunify the country and hand down are unified country to posterity as quickly as possible.

He spoke that the most important issue is to formulate the fundamental principle that can be a base of the solution to reunify the country, and when we have the principle consulted and estabilished by sides, we, the north and south, can do common efforts and tackle all the problems for the reunification.

Then, he declared the fundamental principles matured by him for along time. The principles are to reunify the country independently free from any foreign interference and peacefully promoting the great unity of the nation.

The delegate of the south side stood up and expressed politely hi sabsolute agreement with three principles of national reunification presented bythe President.

The President explained it in detail.

The three principles are the most fair and above board reunification formula acceptable to all who have interest in the destiny of the nation and want the national reunification.

Very impressed with the President’s word, the delegate rose from his seat and replied that he should take the principles as the great pillar ofthe reunification.

The President said that it would be fine to release the principles to the public because those were the Korean nation’s common program of national reunification. The talk broke off at peep of day.

At last, on July 4th of 1972, the north and the south made public the Joint Declaration solemnly the main content of which was thethree principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great nationalunity.

This publication was a capital event that had encouraged high hopes to the entire fellow countrymen and opened a new era of the national reunification making progress under the banner of independence, peace and grea tnational unity.

Since the fundamental principles of the national reunification were provided, the movements of the Korean nation for reunification could advance perfectly and dynamically on its right track despite any interference and defiance of separatists from in and out of the country.

The three principles of independence set by President Kim Il Sung on that historical day display eternal viability of Korean people to carve out their sovereignty encourage independent national reunification of the new century.

The reunification movement of Korean nation reached a new level of “Byour nation itself” era and 6.15 reunification era.

The respected leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, succeeding the idea of father land reunification and the leadership of PresidentKim Il Sung, put forth the milestone of the national reunification in new era –June 15th Joint Declaration and 10.4 Declaration on the bases of 3 principles of national reunification. The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il glorified the exploits of President Kim Il Sung and light up the road to the national reunification.

Although the separatist force in and out of the country are recklessly conducting unprecedented anti-reunification maneuvers, they canno tblock the road of the whole Korean nation to build the reunified great prosperous and powerful nation under the banner of the 3 principles of national reunification.

We firmly believe that those of you loving peace and justice will continue to send your support and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle for the independent and peaceful reunification by our nation itself.


Korean Committee of Solidarity with the World People

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