North Korea ‘delights’ in provoking: Harper

[The following is an article by Jessica Murphy,  QMI Agency, dated 27 March 2012. –CanKor]

Baird visits Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea

Foreign Minister Baird visits Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea

North Korea “delights” in ruffling the feathers of its critics, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday.

Harper was in South Korea attending a 53-nation summit aimed at boosting global efforts to improve nuclear security – not dealing with the nuclear programs of rogue states.

But with North Korea about 50 kilometres from the summit site and threatening to launch a rocket next month, it was inevitable the regime’s plans would become a factor.”I think there is a virtually universal assessment here – that Canada would share – that the recent actions by North Korea and launching the satellite are a contravention of UN resolutions,” Harper told reporters.

“We would obviously attempt to encourage them, dissuade them from any such action. Although as you know, unfortunately this regime seems to delight in irritating the international community.”

On Tuesday, a delegation of Canadian parliamentarians, including Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, paid a visit to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

But despite North Korea’s sabre-rattling, world leaders boasted at the wrap of the conference they’re getting the job done in securing the world’s stocks of vulnerable nuclear materials. (…)

Harper said Canada was a “vigorous contributor” to nuclear security. In Seoul, Canada announced a new $367 million, five-year funding commitment to the global partnership, a vehicle for the international effort to dismantle, destroy or secure nuclear and chemical weapons and material. Since 2002, Canada has given over $820 million to the global partnership.

Canada will also continue to get rid of its own civilian highly enriched uranium supplies by expanding shipments to the U.S., which will secure it and decommission it. It also announced a further $5 million to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s nuclear safety and security efforts.

The next security summit will be held in the Netherlands in 2014.

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