ROK Statement on the death of Kim Jong Il

[The following is an unofficial translation of the Statement on the demise of DPRK leader Kim Jong Il by the Foreign Affairs and National Security Ministers of the Republic of Korea, issued 20 December 2011 – CanKor]

Fellow Koreans,

With the sudden passing of National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong Il, the ROK Government, in close cooperation with its allies and neighbors, is tightly managing the situation to prevent any harm to peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Our military maintains its alert posture, prepared to deal with any situation that arises. So far, we have not seen any unusual indications on the part of North Korea.

We hope our fellow Koreans will be at ease, go on with their everyday lives, and continue normal economic activity.

On the passing of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the ROK Government expresses its sympathy for the people of North Korea.

We hope North Korea will soon restore stability and cooperate with us toward peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

Considering that North Korea is in a period of mourning, the ROK Government has decided to advise the religious community not to proceed with this year’s lighting of the Christmas tree near the DMZ, originally scheduled for December 23.

We ask our fellow Koreans to cope with the situation in North Korea in a calm and resolute manner, while cooperating with the Government’s policies.

[In addition, the ROK Ministry of Unification issued this Statement on Visits to North Korea for Offering Condolence. –CanKor]

The ROK Government has decided not to send a condolence delegation to North Korea. However, in acknowledgment of North Korea’s past condolence calls, we will be permitting the families of the late former President Kim Dae-jung and of the late head of the Hyundai Group, Chung Mong-hun, to visit North Korea to pay condolence calls.

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