North Korea #1 “forbidden country” Canadians should visit

North Korea tops a list of “forbidden countries” Canadians should visit, according to an article by Vivian Song on MSN Travel. The author goes on to say:
1. North Korea

The reclusive, mysterious, insular nature of a country virtually unsullied by the effects of Western globalization that includes McDonald’s, Ikea and Justin Bieber are what excite you about this country. You are perhaps a news junkie, a voracious reader of current affairs or put the country on your bucket list after taking a course in Asian studies in university as a breadth requirement. Before you decide to “hop on over” on your way into or out of China, remember that without the right papers, you could be denied entry, detained, arrested or fined.

Given there is no embassy or consulate in Canada, visas are issued from a DPRK mission in a third country after approval from the government in Pyongyang — a long, slow and “arduous” process, even for accredited diplomats, says Canada’s department of foreign affairs. Not surprisingly, there is no Canadian embassy in North Korea. But Canadian citizens can obtain consular assistance from the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang. And if you’re a journalist planning to visit the country for your own personal interest, take heed. All journos must apply for special permission to visit the DPRK and may not enter the country on a tourist visa, regardless of your reason for travel.

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One Response to “North Korea #1 “forbidden country” Canadians should visit”

  1. Emma Says:

    Sounds quite difficult to get there in the first place. But I suppose that could be part of the appeal for some people who would want to put that in their bucket list. I’m using – but well, I’ll have to put a lot more thought into it before putting North Korea into my bucket list! 😛 But it’s a good site to organise ideas and thoughts and share them easily with your friends.

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