DPRK Business Monthly Volume II, No. 8

The city center of Kaesong, North Korea.

Kaesong City Center, DPRK

The DPRK Business Monthly, an international business report edited in Beijing, has been made available to CanKor readers by its editor, Paul White. Please check the September 2011 edition here: DPRK Business Monthly September 2011.

Titles of articles found in this issue include:

  • Coca-Cola in Pyongyang?
  • Russia sends food aid
  • Russia may write-off DPRK debt
  • The story behind Noko jeans
  • NGO Initiatives in the DPRK
  • Pipeline could open new inter-Korean era
  • NK cruise ship completes maiden voyage
  • DPRK opens online medical service

…plus a number of other items, including a selection of North Korean tours by various tour operators.

Please feel free to consult the full issue by clicking on this link: DPRK Business Monthly September 2011

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