DPRK Business Monthly Volume II, No. 7

The DPRK Business Monthly, an international business report edited in Beijing, has been made available to CanKor readers by its editor, Paul White. Please check the August 2011 edition here: DPRK Business Monthly August 2011.

The new terminal at Pyongyang’s Sunan International Airport opened 15 July 2011, featuring modernized facilities for luggage, security, customs and border control. (Photo from Air Koryo’s unofficial Facebook page)

Titles of articles found in this issue include:

  • AP to Open P’yang Bureau Early Next Year
  • Reuters Seeks Satellite Video Link with NK
  • International Aid to DPRK Doubles
  • Russia Seeks Gas Pipeline Via NK
  • NK Academics Studying in Canada
  • American Religious NGOs in North Korea
  • US Company Picked to Revive Mount Kumgang Resort
  • ROK Firms May Sue Gov’t Over NK Sanctions
  • “Reunification Means Hope, Jobs, Peace”: ROK Presidential Hopeful
  • NK Exploring for Rare Earth Elements
  • Kaesong Trade Continues to Grow
  • Editor’s Comment on Unification tax vs. South-North FTA

…plus a number of other items, including a selection of North Korean tours by various tour operators.

Please feel free to consult the full issue by clicking on this link: DPRK Business Monthly August 2011

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