10 North Korean scholars present papers at UBC

The Department of Asian Studies and the Centre for Korean Research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, are hosting the 10th international conference organized by the International Society for Korean Studies (ISKS) on 24-25 August 2011. The ISKS, whose headquarters are in Osaka, has held such conferences every other year, including meetings in the UK, Beijing and Shanghai. The Society has branches in both Seoul and Pyongyang.

“We bring together scholars of Korea from all over the world,” says CanKor Brain Trust member Prof. Donald Baker, who is in charge of the UBC conference. “But the primary purpose of the conference is to bring scholars from the ROK and the DPRK together.”

Some 80 Korea scholars were expected to present papers at the conference, including participants from the DPRK, ROK, PRC, Japan, North America, Cuba, Europe, and elsewhere. Among these are 10 North Koreans from the DPRK National Academy of Social Science, as well as 22 South Koreans.

There is no specific theme for the conference. Scholars have a wide-open opportunity to share any ideas and the latest achievements on Korean Studies. The conference proceedings, including some 800 pages of learned papers, will be published on the dedicated website currently titled “ISKS conference at the University of British Columbia”.

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