2011 Common Prayer for the Peaceful Reunification of South and North Korea

[Since the late 1980s when North and South Korean Christians first met, the (North) Korean Christian Federation (KCF) and the (South) Korean National Council of Churches (NCCK) have agreed to an annual joint day of prayer on or near the 15 August liberation day that is celebrated by both parts of Korea. Here is how NCCK General Secretary the Rev. Kim Young Ju explains it: “On August 15, our nation of Korea will celebrate its Independence Day. That day commemorates our liberation from outside occupation, and the renewal of an independent country from ‘Baekdu Mountain (on the northern border with China) to Halla Mountain (on Jeju Island in the south)’. In the years after that Liberation, tragic events led to the present partition of Korea, and the division of our one people. We pray for the day when peaceful restoration will come and our nation will again be one. The NCCK invites all partners to share in our common prayer on Sunday, August 14.” The text of the common prayer follows here. –CanKor.]

Bongsu Church Pyongyang (photo by Erich Weingartner)


God who is love!

This year, we give thanks that the church of North and South is gathered before God with one accordon 8.15, National Liberation Day. Our nation which was set free from the Japanese Ruling Era sixty-six years ago still has not accomplish entire liberation, but we have suffered from the pain and hurt of division for too long O Lord, how long will we have to wait? We hope that you listen to our ardent prayers repeated so often over the years.

God who is comforter!

Even though we have lived with the wall that divides our land for many decades, we have never forgotten the dream of peace and reunification. We confess, however, we are used to the words that slander and affront one another. Although there has been cooperation and promise over the years, such as the proclamations of June 15th and October 4th, we have lived with struggle and conflict, not remembering the promises. South and North broke faith with each other and the wall is built higher as we do not share cooperation and conversation any more. Moreover, our people have been deprived of their destiny by the interests and control of powerful nations that surround us. Lord, have pity on us and comfort our people.

God who promises peace!

We pray that you will give us the courage to begin again. Please give us the will to reopen Geumgang Mountain, about which we sing, and to develop the cooperation of Kaesong Industrial Complex more powerfully than ever before. Please allow reunions to take place between the families of North and South, and let us cooperate with each other like siblings in international society. Help us to desire more ardently to reunite and to assist each other in times of difficulty. Make the military hostilities stop and put an end to clashes in the West Sea. We ask that our people no longer shed tears, crying over the national division. Our hope is that South and North cultivate a reconciliatory mind, and spread the seeds of peace throughout Northeast Asia and the world. Lord, please help our people and give us power to turn our dream of peace into reality.

God who is the master of history!

We pray that you lead the Christians of North and South to humble themselves for our people’s reconciliation, peace and reunification. Please help us be the church that fulfills our mission to accomplish the second liberation of our people. Help us be obedient to your call to tear down the walls of division by our truthfulness. We pray that finally the reunification hope that has beaten in our hearts will be realized from the West Sea to the East Sea, and the longing for unity from Halla Mountain to Baekdu Mountain.

Lord, let the fruit of Jesus Christ’s love grow in the minds of our people.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ who is the God of Peace. Amen

August 15, 2011

National Council of Churches in Korea, Reconciliation and Reunification Committee

Korean Christian Federation, Central Committee

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