Rare opportunity to play golf in Pyongyang!

Uri Tours Inc. is a U.S. based travel agency specializing in tours to North Korea. We have been offering tours to North Korea for the past 6 years, also organizing custom tours for North Americans, students, professors, professionals and experts in various sectors to encourage exchange and dialogue with peers in North Korea. Our former projects have included designing custom itineraries for Harvard Business students, non-profits such as Global Exchange Reality Tours, business persons to assess possible investment opportunities in North Korea and groups of specialists such as tourism experts from Italy.

Pyongyang Golf Course

In October 2011, we are offering our first-ever golf tour in Pyongyang. This will be a 7 nights/8 days tour from October 1st through October 8th. This is your chance to play on one of the most exclusive courses in the world! Players of all levels are welcome. You may bring your own clubs, but the course also offers rentals. The price of $2,500 includes round-trip airfare to Pyongyang from Beijing, hotels, most meals and more importantly, 2 days of golf on the Pyongyang National Golf Course and 1 day of practice on a mini-course. The itinerary also includes 1-2 days of touring Pyongyang, a trip to the DMZ (the de-militarized zone between South and North Korea), hiking at a nearby mountain, visits to eateries such as Pyongyang’s first fast food joint and pizza place, and more. We are very excited about this trip and we hope you will join us. Inquire at andrea.lee@uritours.com for more information or fill out a visa application at www.uritours.com.

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