North Korea’s Christian Federation (KCF) responds to delivery of food aid by NCCK

A letter of “deep appreciation” (dated 6 June 2011) was received by the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) from the Rev. Kang Young Sup, Chairman of the KCF.

“In his message to me,” writes Rev. Kim Young Ju, NCCK General Secretary, “he expressed the KCF’s support on various efforts of the NCCK for justice, democratization, peace and reunification especially during a time of difficult circumstances in our country. Rev. Kang Young Sup said that the KCF has started the distribution of the flour to the kindergartens based on an overall distribution plan for 3 townships. He gave details for each kindergarten and indicated that about 31,400 children would benefit from this shipment. The KCF asked NCCK to send additional humanitarian aid for 8 townships in North Korea. They mentioned concrete quantity (480 metric tons of flour) needed for 106,800 children of some kindergartens.”

CanKor previously reported that the NCCK was under fire from the Lee Myung-Bak administration for sending unauthorized food aid to North Korea. (See “Related Articles” below.)

Rev. Kim’s communication was received at CanKor from his assistant, Rev. Ms. Hwang Bo Hyun. (Please read in full here.)

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