The DPRK elite made visible in Pyongyang

Something that surprised me among the many articles officially translated for English-speaking audiences in the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) dispatches are the detailed lists of members of various committees. Since the KWP Conference was the largest of its kind held in at least 30 years, we have on parade the top ranks of DPRK’s elites. In the case of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee, the KCNA has even supplied small bios, including birth dates, of its members. Kim Jong Un is not among them, so we still don’t know exactly how old he is.

Still, I wonder whether this generosity in providing the names of committees and ruling bodies acts as a cover for introducing the young successor into the higher echelons of power without drawing too much attention to his lack of accomplishments. It accentuates his modesty internally, while the rest of the world helps to propel him to superstar status. Not a bad strategy from a marketing point of view!

Ladies and gentlemen, KCNA presents to you North Korea’s ruling elite:
First Plenum of WPK Central Auditing Commission Held

Control Commission Elected

Members and Alternate Members of WPK Central Committee (Includes Kim Jong Un)

Department Directors Appointed

Central Military Commission Organized (Includes Kim Jong Un)

Secretariat of WPK Central Committee

Members and Alternate Members of Political Bureau

Presidium of Political Bureau

Profiles of Presidium and Members of Political Bureau (includes short biographies)

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