Sinologistical Violoncello-ing and German diplomacy

The structure in the background is the Grand P...

Grand People's Study House, DPRK

The sinologistical violoncellist and East-Asian history professor Adam Cathcart conveyed a number of interesting tidbits and resources recently. Not the least of which that North Korea has been hosting delegations of German parliamentarians.

The source for this interesting visit comes from German-language blog Nordkorea-Info. Cathcart writes:

Even if you don’t read German, or if you love the language but still find that it melts your eyes, the blog’s links are quite often to English material, the abundance and quality of which alone has value.  Unlike many other Korea blogs, the author takes the time to synthesize material in a painstaking fashion; he is careful with his conclusions and scrupulous with his documentation.

A fascinating play-by-play account can be found here.

As pièce de résistance, meet professor Cathcart and let him guide you through a German-language article about a recent visit by a German delegation to Pyongyang.

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