Business Mission to DPRK

CanKor has received from Paul Tjia, Director of GPI Consultancy the following announcement about a trade and investment mission to North Korea being organized for the time period 14 to 21 May 2011.

Persons interested in joining this mission are asked to contact Mr. Tjia at the following coordinates: Postal address: GPI Consultancy, P.O. Box 26151, 3002 ED Rotterdam, The Netherlands; E-mail:; Tel: +31-10-4254172; Fax: +31-10-4254317; Website:; Twitter:; LinkedIn:

In the current financial and economic situation, companies face many challenges. They must cut costs, develop new products and find new markets. In these fields, North-Korea might be an interesting option. It is opening its doors to foreign enterprises, the labor costs are the lowest of Asia, and its skilled labor is of high quality. It established free trade zones to attract foreign investors and there are several sectors, including textile industry, agro business, fishing, shipbuilding, logistics, mining and Information Technology that can be considered for trade and investment. Although the Cold War is not ended, a growing number of European firms are exploring the country – for example companies currently producing in China, and where the wages are rising fast. And despite the deteriorating relations with South-Korea, the output of the South-Korean factories in North-Korea rose last year with 26%. The Chinese exports to North-Korea grew with 50% and an Egyptian provider launched a successful mobile phone service.

Do you want to explore new business opportunities for your company? Then join us from 14 – 21 May on our trade & investment mission to North-Korea. The program includes individual matchmaking, company visits, network receptions and dinners. Furthermore, we will visit the annual Spring International Trade Fair in Pyongyang (see photo) and we will meet European business people who are working and living in North-Korea. At the beginning of the tour, in Beijing, we will take part in the seminar: “Doing business with DPRK”. After North-Korea, we will return to Beijing, where you can extend your stay in China.

For a program of the current mission, click here. A short report of a previous tour can be found here. In case you want to participate: please register as soon as possible, so we can start the visa-application procedure. If you are not able to join, then it is possible for us to do research and arrange meetings on your behalf.

N.B. I wrote about outsourcing of IT in the new book: “Europe-North Korea. Between Humanitarianism and Business?” (LIT Verlag, Berlin). See also my handbook: “Offshoring Information Technology – Sourcing and Outsourcing to a Global Workforce” (Cambridge University Press).

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