North Korea Invites Canadian Performers

Canadian singers, dancers, musicians and other performing artists are invited to the annual arts festival that takes place in Pyongyang in April. CanKor has been advised by the DPRK Mission to the UN in New York that the Festival Organizing Committee is issuing an open invitation to famous artists from other countries to perform their works at the 27th April Spring Friendship Art Festival, which runs from 8 to 18 April 2011 in Pyongyang, DPRK.

Artists to be invited will include dance and song troupes, folk dancers, ballerinas, social dancers, tap dancers, choirs, symphony orchestras, folk music bands, brass, wood instrument and other ensembles, opera singers, pop singers, folk singers, conductors, violinists, pianists, cellists, trumpeters and other players of musical instruments.

Performing artists who wish to apply for an invitation can make direct contact with the Spring Friendship Art Festival Organizing Committee by calling (from Canada) 011 + 850-2-18111- ext 8653. Or you can fax to 001 + 850-2-381-4777.

Applicants need to describe their specialty. As the DPRK Mission puts it, “In order for us to have better understanding and knowledge of certain artists or art groups of Canada belonging to the above categories, it would be very much appreciated if introductory information and biographical notes (including visual materials if possible, but not the ones produced for commercial purposes like KARAOKE) could be provided in advance.”

Participants who are accepted and receive an official invitation will be responsible for travel costs (from Canada to Pyongyang and return). However the host will provide hotel and food arrangements for artists invited during the festival period. Other guests and spectators are of course expected to pay for accommodation and other costs during the festival period.

Anyone interested in applying but unable to connect with Pyongyang may contact CanKor. You can also communicate via the DPRK Permanent Mission to the UN in New York at the following numbers: (212) 972-3105, or 972-3106, or you may send a fax to (212) 972-3154. Email inquiries may be sent to

The US Christian musical group Casting Crowns

performed at the Spring Friendship Art Festival in Pyongyang on 9 April 2007.

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