Canada-DPRK Scenarios Workshop Picture Album

Below are pictures of the 2009 Scenarios workshop on the future of Canada-North Korea relations exploring the focal question:

“Will Canada play a significant role in encouraging the DPRK towards regional peace and stability by 2020?”

World class experts on North Korea joined minds in the inaugural Virtual ThinkNet (VTN) Scenarios project. Using email and an internet-based virtual platform, more than 50 Canadian and international DPRK watchers, scholars, civil servants and NGO representatives have contributed to a process that is culminating in the creation of narratives that project four possible futures in Canada-DPRK relations within the next decade.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weingartner Consulting’s Virtual ThinkNet hosts scenarios-building processes that mimic methodologies generally used in weeklong face-to-face workshops. With the help of Canadian tech-marketing company the SomaGroup, the VTN uses the depth and breadth of innovative social networking technologies to achieve a fertile collaboration that is accessible to busy professionals. Photos by Erich Davies.

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