American Mennonite Farmer on his visit to North Korea

Doug Zehr, a Mennonite farmer recently returned from a visit to the DPRK. He was on a delegation evaluating the work of an organization with a humanitarian agriculture project. He was interviewed for the online magazine The Mennonite. Below, an excerpt:

Doug Zehr

Being in North Korea turned many of Zehr’s preconceptions on their heads. For one thing, North Korean Christians meet openly, and Zehr’s group was able to attend a Sunday morning worship service. And though the average North  Korean may disagree with American politics, they were very welcoming to the AFSC team, feeding them with rabbit, seafood, plenty of rice and kim-chi, a cabbage dish that is “spicy and probably along the line of sauerkraut.”

He recognizes that this generosity stemmed at least partially from farmers’ gratitude to the AFSC, but Zehr says it went beyond just that.
“Koreans seem to me to be very hospitable people,” Zehr says. “Over and over, the theme was they don’t have anything against the United States. They had issues with the government of the United States.” Read full article..

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