Playing Chicken: Response from Pyongyang

[The article entitled “ Playing Chicken at the Brink ” has garnered a number of interesting reactions . As a first for CanKor, we have received a direct response to the article from Pyongyang. The letter below was authored by Ryu Kyong Il, Secretary-General of the Korean National Peace Committee (KNPC), dated 31 December 2010. (Emphases have been retained from the original.)]

Dear Mr Erich Weingartner,

I read your interesting and ironic essay “Playing Chicken at the Brink”.

I think the Question goes not for “who is the winner?” but for “who will be the winner?”

When there was another LMB’s military provocation as firing thousands of bullets and shells from the sensitive area of Yonphyong Island in the West Sea of Korea, despite strong warning of the KPA and condemnation of the public at home and abroad, the KPA Supreme Command released the report:

Their military provocation was a product of their cunning scenario to deliberately lead the military counteraction of the DPRK to driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war and thus save the U.S. Asia policy and strategy toward the DPRK from the bankruptcy.

It was, at the same time, to serve the propaganda purpose as it was aimed at saving the face of the present puppet authorities now finding themselves in such profound ruling crisis that it is hard for them to complete the tenure of their office because of their ignorance and incompetence and delivering the puppet military from its decline.

This was nothing but a childish play with fire of cowards without an equal as they made much fuss, firing shells left unused during the military provocation on Nov. 23 after shifting by stealth the waters to be a scene of the projected shelling and its target for fear of the KPA’s second and third retaliatory blows for self defense.

The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK did not feel any need to retaliate against every despicable military provocation like one taking revenge after facing a blow.

The world should properly know who the true champion of peace is and who the real provocateur of a war is.

As is widely known to the world the DPRK is now concentrating all its efforts into the opening the door of a great, prosperous and powerful nation by 2012. It has even mobilized a huge force of soldiers into the major sectors of the national economy such as the Huichon Power Station construction project.

From the viewpoint of common sense, peace and security are the prerequisites for economic growth and prosperity, and peaceful environment is more important than ever for the DPRK.

During your stay in Pyongyang in the beginning of this month, you saw peaceful life of our people with your own eyes.

Now there still go on joint military exercises of the U.S. and south Korea with plausible excuse and pretext around the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. is focusing on knocking into shape a triangular military alliance grouping the U.S., Japan, and south Korea to hold hegemony in the Asia-Pacific.

The LMB is playing chicken with the backing of the transoceanic “big power”. What will be the response of the “big powers” who are watching the disturbance near their houses with disagreeable look?

As you know well “ Fools rush in where angels fear to tread and Birds of prey do not flock together ”.

Sincerely yours,

Ryu Kyong Il

Sec-general, KNPC

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