Workers Party of Korea Conference highlights on KCNA

Kumsusan Memorial Palace

Kumsusan Memorial Palace, DPRK

[The following article appeared in CanKor Report #329, and was published in UnCommon Sense, 14 October 2010]

All the news that’s fit to print in the DPRK about the Conference of the Workers Party has been gathered on a separate page in the official (North) Korean Central News Agency website here.

Numerous articles concern the surprising re-election of Kim Jong Il, first as a delegate, then as member of the WPK Central Committee and its Secretariat, member of the political bureau and the presidium of the political bureau, and finally as WPK General Secretary.

Following his re-election is a message of congratulations from Hu Jintao, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and numerous congratulatory events, beginning with a meeting of servicepersons of the three services of the Korean People’s Army:

Meeting of KPA Servicepersons Held

Pyongyang City Rally Held on Kim Jong Il’s Reelection

People’s Security Ministry Rally Held on Kim Jong Il’s Reelection

Workers Rallies Held on Kim Jong Il’s Reelection

Provinces Rallies Held on Kim Jong Il’s Reelection

More Rallies Held to Congratulate Kim Jong Il’s Reelection

Missing are any articles referencing the succession drama that has been the sole preoccupation of foreign media. That doesn’t mean Kim Jong Un is missing entirely. He appears in several lists of names, for example in a photo op on 29 September where his father appears with “participants” of the WPK Conference. He is the fourth person named as “present there” and identified as “vice-chairman of the WPK Central Military Commission”.

Here some excerpts from KCNA articles:

Kim Jong Il Elected Delegate to Conference of WPK

Kim Jong Gak, first vice director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, said in his speech on the election that the election of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il as a delegate to the conference of the WPK was a manifestation of the undisputed trust in him and transparent loyalty to him of the servicepersons deepened in the course of the historic struggle, in which they have covered only the road of victory and glory holding Kim Jong Il at the highest posts of the Party, army and state, and the reflection of the requirements of the era for the victory of the cause of building a thriving socialist nation.

Kim Jong Il Reelected as General Secretary

The conference solemnly declared internally and externally that Kim Jong Il was reelected as general secretary of the WPK with unanimous will and wishes of all the party members, servicepersons and people of the DPRK as he performed the immortal exploits to shine long in the history of the country and developed the WPK into the party of President Kim Il Sung, ever-victorious Juche-type revolutionary party by wisely leading the revolutionary cause of Juche to victories only with his outstanding idea and uncommon revolutionary practices for half a century since he embarked upon the road of the revolution in his early years.

Congratulations from Hu Jintao

China and the DPRK maintain deep and traditional friendship and close geographical relationship with wide-ranging common interests.

It is the steadfast policy of the Chinese party and government to consolidate and develop the Sino-DPRK friendly and cooperative relations.

We defend and promote the bilateral relationship, always holding fast to it in a strategic view under the long-term discernment no matter how the international situation may change.

We will strive together with the DPRK side to steadily put the bilateral relations on a new stage and provide greater happiness to the peoples of the two countries and make greater contribution to achieving lasting peace and common prosperity of the region.

Kim Jong Il Takes Photo with Participants in WPK Conference

When he arrived at the plaza of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, they broke into the rousing cheers of hurrah and loud shouts of slogans “Let Us Protect with Our Lives the WPK Central Committee Headed by Great Comrade Kim Jong Il”, “Single-minded Unity!” and “Devoted Defence!” reverberating through the azure sky in September. He waved back to the enthusiastically cheering participants, extending a warm salute to them.


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