Unanswered Questions: Why intensified military exercizes?

President George W. Bush embraces South Korean...

George Bush embraces Lee Myung-bak

Is the reason behind the current war exercises and “new” sanctions the fact that the UNSC did not come out with as hard-line a statement as Seoul expected?

Is the USA supporting these aggressive activities at this time so that they can get South Korea to back off the throttle when it becomes necessary to return to the negotiating table?

Will aggravating China spill over to other US priorities in the region if they don’t do something to repair the Washington-Beijing relationship in the near future?

Will the USA continue to let the Lee Myung-bak administration drive policy toward North Korea, or (now that the USA has given the ROK as much public support as they can) will the USA try to push the ROK into a more moderate stance behind the scenes?

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