The endurance of Korea’s endless stand-off

The imminent collapse of the DPRK regime has been predicted numerous times in the past 60 years, and repeatedly after the death of “great leader” Kim Il Sung in 1994. As far back as 1990, Nicholas Eberstadt wrote an op-ed entitled “The Coming Collapse of North Korea”, followed by a 1999 book entitled “The End of North Korea”, and an essay in December 2004 where he explains why his predictions had not yet come true. See “The Persistence of North Korea”.

Following Kim Jong Il’s stroke in the summer of 2008, the failures of various economic schemes, the UNSC-authorized sanctions and most recently the Cheonan incident, the question surrounding the imminent collapse of the North Korean regime hangs in the air again. Charles J. Hanley of the Associated Press gathers the opinions of a number of experts as to the endurance of Korea’s endless standoff. Read his article here.

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