CanKor on Relaunch of CanKor Website

Erich Weingartner, Editor of CanKor, speaks about North Korea and the new version of The CanKor Website. This Canada-North Korea news service “aims to provide information and analysis that does not get the attention it deserves in the commercial media”.

Also in this interview, Mr. Weingartner discusses North Korea’s integration into the East Asia region and the world. He also talks about Canada’s role in opening North Korea.

This 5-part interview was produced at the Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia:

  • Why a second version of CanKor?

  • How will the 2nd version of CanKor be different?

  • Are you optimistic that North Korea can integrate into the region and improve its position in the world?

  • What role would you like to see Canada play in opening up North Korea?

  • What can we expect from “Mr. Pak” in the new CanKor?

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